Who owns this House?

Who owns this House?There are times when you want to know, “Who owns this house?”  It may be because you are interested in purchasing the house and you want to know who owns this house in order to approach them about selling it to you.  Other times, the question of who owns this house is needed to be answered because you are interested in a property easement or other deal with the homeowner that will hopefully be beneficial to both parties.  In any case, you’ll need to do a property search to find out the address of the house, who owns this house and what the property lines and other information are about the house.

In order to make an offer on a house, you need to do a property search to find out who owns this house.  Background information is vital to finding out the details of the property, including how much the house was originally sold for to the last participants, how much the landowners own against the property, who owns this house and how long have they lived there.  You can use a real estate agent to find this information for you, you can do a search on the internet and you can go to the county courthouse or records office to find all the information on the property and who owns this house at such sites.  The internet search is convenient and generally doesn’t cost you anything.

All of the data you pick up in a property search can affect the amount of the offer you make on the property.  When you know who owns this house, you can understand what their motives are and whether or not they are willing to take a lesser price than the asking price for the house. Finding out who owns this house is all that much more important when you are buying a house on auction online.  You may not have the luxury of seeing the property in person so you’ll what to find who owns this house and everything there is to know about them and their own history.  You’ll find if they have a history of bankruptcy or if they have litigation pending which could affect the sale of the house.

You can find out if the house is in foreclosure and hopefully there will be a map and plans to the house so you can see the dimensions as well as some pictures of the house.  Then you can successfully bid on the house, knowing the details you need to know. Even if you are buying a house the regular way, you want to know as much information about who owns this house and who they are all about. Remember that a realtor is really interested in the sale of the house and might not tell you everything.  A careful internet or records search can unveil a great many things about the house, including improvements, changes in ownership and a history of who has owned the house in the past.  All of this is useful information that you can use to make an informed decision on whether to buy the house.

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