Who Lives at this Address?

Who Lives at this Address?Have you ever wanted to know who lives at this address, when you’re looking at a property you really want to buy?  It’s actually not that difficult.  You can get the actual address and go to the county records office, which may be a building on its own or might be at the courthouse or city hall, depending on the county you’re looking at.  You find out who lives at this address by asking the receptionist for the county records of the particular address.

Besides “who lives at this address”, you can find out the property value of the land and buildings, how many bedrooms and baths there are on the property, the square footage and the acreage of the property.  There is so much more information than “who lives at this address” that you can feel prepared to approach the owner about buying the property.   First find out if the people are undergoing bankruptcy through the federal court record.  Find out through county and state records if they are undergoing a divorce.  All of this takes the issue of “who lives at this address” and creates a dynamic picture of what’s going on with this family and lets you know whether or not they are interested in selling.

If they are interested in selling the land already, you may only need to wait until they put the property on the market or you can bid low for the property.  If they are not interested in selling the property, you might have to bid high for the property or you may be out of luck. Knowing “who lives at this address” is something you can also find out on the internet.  There are scores of internet sites that will sell you the information for a small fee or that will give you the information for free.

Some sites will not tell you directly “who lives at this address” but will tell you everything you wanted to know about the property if you were interested in buying it.  Other sites will tell you who lives at this address so you can do some more digging on the individuals to find out what their personal situation is.  Such information will tell you, similar to going to the public records office, if you stand a good chance of being able to buy the property from the individuals and at what price you should offer.

Perhaps you’re not interested in purchasing the property but want to know who lives at this address because you are their neighbor and you need an easement to build a fence or add to your driveway.  You’ll want to know who lives at this address in order to ask them to give you the easement for whatever it is you are interested in building or adding on.  You may need to exchange some money for the easement or you may not get it at all but you need to ask before going about making changes on your property that will affect the property of the other individual.

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