Search Land Records

Search Land RecordsWhy would you want to search land records?  The reasons are many.  You might want to get an easement from a neighboring property owner but you don’t know who the owner is.  You might be interested in buying the land and you want to search land records to find out who owns the property and what it might be worth.  You can find out what the home was assessed for, buildings on the property and other information about the property owners.  When you search land records, much of this information is available to you at no cost.

Where do you go to search land records?  You can go to the county records office in the county where the building or land is located in.  You might find this office as a standalone office or as a part of the county courthouse or city hall.  You can search by landowner or more likely, by the address of the property.  At the records office, you can find almost all available information on the property, from the time the property was first purchased to assessments done on the property in recent years.  When you search land records, you are getting a complete history and information on the land in question.

There are websites where you can find some limited information when you search land records.  Some websites are completely free; you can find all sorts of information about a property, including its exact location, the last time it was sold, when it was originally assessed and other assessments on it.  You can find out how many bedrooms and how many baths are on the property and even the acreage of the land.  Unfortunately, websites aren’t kept up as well as regular property so that you may need to go to the county records office to get the most up to date information when you search land records.

Perhaps you want to buy the property in question.  You basically search land records to find out who owns the property and what the property value is assessed at.  You can bid high on the value of the land if you really want it and approach the landowner with the bid.  Perhaps they are planning on selling the land anyway and you can easily get the land.  If they are not interested in selling the property, you may have to bid higher in order to get the property owners to sell the property.  On the other hand, some may not wish to sell at any price and you will be out of luck.

You can search land records if there is a piece of land between your land and the nearest road.  You will need an easement to get access to your property.  When you search land records, you can find who the owner is and hopefully make a deal with them to get a bit of road put through or around their property.  You can’t do it without knowing who the owner is because putting a driveway through their property would otherwise be illegal.  Do your research and you may get what you want.

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