Property Records Search

Property Records SearchA property records search is a way of finding out as much information as you can about a property before setting up litigation, making a bid on the property or working out a property line deal with the property.  A property records search can be quite simply done on Internet, using sites that are free and sites that cost a bit of money to get the information in the property records search. You can also go to the county records office, located in its own building or at the city hall or the courthouse, depending on the size of the county.

You can ask by address or name of the owner and will get much the same information that you can get online.  Hard copies of the property records search can be obtained so you can take some information with you. There are sites that list millions of properties, including those that are for sale.  The information is somewhat outdated but it has the square footage of the property, when it was last sold for and for what price, when the building was built and what type of building it is.  A property records search will tell you if the property has a garage and what county it is in.  In some cases, a picture of the property is shown, even if the property isn’t for sale.

These are all public records available at no cost to you when you do a property records search.  Just put in the address and the rest is done for you.  More information is provided to you just by paying a little more money to a site.  You can find out who the latest owners are and you can find out information about the owners, such as if they are undergoing a divorce or if they have litigation pending against them. All of this is important information in a property records search if you are interested in purchasing the property. Separate, more current, information is found on certain sites if the property is for sale.  You can look at a picture of the property and find out about the acreage when you do a property records search.

You can see what the owner paid for the property in the property records search and you can find out how many bedrooms, baths, garages and other property is on the land.  Details are given to entice buyers to buy the home.  This kind of property records search can be found on many realtor sites online. It’s more convenient to do a property records search on the internet but you can’t always trust how current the information is as it is updated rarely.  The information on a property records search done at the courthouse or county records office is much more current and must, by law, be accurate information.  This is why it may be better to go to the county offices in person if you are really interested in accurate information on the property.

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